IT Contracting



Computech Systems offers top-to-bottom IT management services designed to take the hassle out of maintaining your businesses computers and network. We customize every support plan, tailoring our services to your office until we fully meet the specific needs of your organization.

We are equipped to be your complete solution for hardware and software support. We offer monitoring and maintenance, both remotely and on-site assuring that problems are addressed and fixed before they cause you downtime.


We use a proactive approach when dealing with business computing. Backups, updates, antivirus and system upgrades are tracked daily with recommendations made and work done based around your budget and timing. This allows you to rest in the knowledge that your critical data and systems are protected 24/7 via remote and on-site upkeep.


We offer free live telephone support to all of our clients during normal business hours. For questions and problems that cannot be addressed via a phone call, we run an extensive remote support system allowing nearly any problem to be addressed instantly over the internet.


We work tirelessly to prevent the breakdown of your critical IT systems. Through scheduled and as needed support requests we work directly in your office to repair, upgrade, update and maintain your infrastructure.


Planning for the worst is never fun but in business it’s often necessary. We understand that emergencies happen and sometimes you need extra support right now. We never take advantage of your company during these times, but rather step up to help you, day or night, at no additional charge.